Quick Bites: Appetizer Bonanza at Bix

With the upcoming foie gras ban in the state of California looming, a few friends and I wanted to get as much of the delicacy in before the deadline. The first stop was Bix. It’s an old school restaurant tucked away in a tiny alley in the Financial District and one of my favorites. Continue reading

A Little Bit of Disney in San Francisco

The weather has finally let up in the city and when the sun is out, one can’t help but be motivated to get outside and soak up the warm inviting rays. I decided to make my way over to the Walt Disney Family Museum. The museum has been open for a little over two years and I had yet to visit it. A shame especially since it’s in the city!

Continue reading

Day 14: Rocky Mountain High at Red Rocks Park

This day would be devoted to discovering the great outdoors that Colorado is known for. Luckily for me, I had my own tour guide in the form of my friend, Amanda, from grad school. I was looking forward to hanging out as we hadn’t seen each other since graduation, a whopping 11 years. Besides the outdoors she also offered up the Beer Triangle¬†with Coors anchoring the group. I was faced with a tough choice: alcohol or Mother Nature. Continue reading